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How do you hire new employees? Do you write up a job description, carry out job interviews, and hope for the best? The human resources field of psychology has given us incredible knowledge and insight into how people function in the workplace. What’s more, we can use this knowledge via human resource training to maximize productivity in the workplace and hire the best candidate for the job.

Based in Des Moines, Sollah offers a number of training programs constructed on human resources principles. With employee training programs, corporate training programs, and leadership training programs, you can truly get the most out of your staff. Our human resource training programs are based on the latest research. HR training programs combine science and experience in order to take your work environment to the next level.

This program has really helped us hone our interviewing skills... from asking for contrary evidence to simply allowing for silence during an interview, More Than a Gut Feeling IV has increased our hiring accuracy and ensures that we are empowered to ask the right AND legal questions each and every interview.

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More Than a Gut Feeling™ IV


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More Than a Gut Feeling™: Leveraging the Power of Behavior-Based Interviewing eLearning Course


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Interviewing: More Than a Gut Feeling™ (Book)

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Interview Training

We offer an interview training program, developed with Dr. Paul C. Green’s behavior-based interviewing strategy. Our program gives you a wide range of interviewing skills that can help you get the most out of a comprehensive job interview. You don’t have to worry about making a wrong hire once you’ve completed our program. It teaches you how to ask questions, probe for further information, and improve your company’s employee retention rate.

When you conduct a behavior-based interview, you know you’re using evidence-based practices and techniques. These behavioral interviewing techniques work consistently, and they are the best tools you have for choosing a new employee. You learn not to judge a candidate based on your gut feeling or their appearance, but based on the premise that people tend to act in a way that reflects previous behavior.

How can MTAGF be used in your organization?

Based on the behavioral science developed by Dr. Paul Green, More Than a Gut Feeling provides insight and expertise while teaching managers and HR personnel how to:

  • Plan a logical, structured interview.
  • Probe further and seek out behavioral predictors.
  • Make selection decisions based on facts and information — not on gut feeling.
  • Recognize why some questions cannot be legally asked in the interview process.

The "Gut Feeling" Difference

Interviewers and managers are taught to refrain from judging a candidate on "gut feeling" by using a number of practical techniques, including:

  • Asking rapport-building questions
  • Discussing specific of the job
  • Taking notes and explaining why
  • Asking specific, open-ended questions to get specific answers
  • Probing for behavioral predictors
  • Allowing for silence if necessary
  • Maintaining control
  • Asking for contrary evidence
  • Evaluating the information
More Than a Gut Feeling IV - The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line...

More Than a Gut Feeling IV expands on previous versions by providing:
  • additional coverage on how to uncover behavioral predictors
  • meaningful insight on how a thorough job analysis can be the basis for developing effective behavior-based interviewing questions
  • practical interviewing techniques that save time and money

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